How The Value of Your Personal Injury Case is Calculated

In the matter of a personal injury case, it’s wise for the victim to know what the injury claim is worth before settling with the insurance firm or proceeding with the case. Getting to know the right compensation figure which the law allows…
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Who Is Liable In A Car Accident: How The Courts Decide

Determining liability in the case of a car accident can be tricky. This is because situations like this are governed by a wide range of different factors and laws in most cases. Motor vehicle statues will usually determine who is forced to pay…
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How To Start A Bankruptcy Case

Bankruptcy laws are recognized in the US constitution, and over the years, these laws have undergone numerous changes. However, even though there are regular changes, Article 1, section 8, clause 4 of the US Constitution authorizes the Congress…
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Getting To Know The Basics Of Personal Injury Settlements

When it comes to injury claim settlement, there are two routes involved: that’s settlement with an attorney after filing a claim, and settling with an adjuster without any legal claim. A settlement refers to finding a solution to your complaint…

What To Expect From Your Bankruptcy Attorney

When you are dealing with any legal matters, it is wise to choose a lawyer carefully, especially when you are in a tough bankruptcy situation. There are some things that you should take into consideration when looking for a bankruptcy attorney…
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How Insurance Companies Defend Against Car Accident Cases

An insurance company is run just like any other business, with a sole aim of making profits. Therefore, even if they are obligated to pay for the claim, they evaluate the claim to determine whether they are liable for the damages or injuries.…
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What Happens If I Can't Afford To Pay A Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Working with a bankruptcy attorney is important because it helps you get legal help, get a guide through your bankruptcy process and preparing any paperwork needed. However, there are certain legal fees you are required to pay to get these services.…

How To Get A Fair Settlement For Your Personal Injury Case

If you have sustained an injury, here are some secrets that can help you get a fair treatment: 1. Conduct complete investigation You should conduct a thorough investigation by getting statements from different witnesses, medical reports, and…

How Pre-Existing Injuries Impact A Personal Injury Claim

When a liable insurance company assesses your claim for injuries and discovers you have pre-existing injuries, they will do everything within their power to attribute the new injuries to those already in existence to avoid having to honor the…
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How to Negotiate an Automobile Accident Insurance Settlement

When you have been involved in an automobile accident that caused damage to your vehicle and/or injury to yourself you will need to file an insurance claim. Once the claim is filed, you will then need to negotiate with the insurance company…